WordPress Plugins, Tutorials And Technical Tips To Build A Better Blog

This guest post was written by Dan Norris and Alex McClafferty We trust their WP Curve WordPress support service for support and maintenance of the EntrepreneurOnFire site. That way you save load time because the server doesn’t have to compile the whole website every time a user visits the blog. If you use high quality images on your blog then you should make sure that source they have smallest file size possible, without losing quality. It’s a WordPress plugin that automatically decreases the size of images, without losing any quality, whenever you upload an image to your blog (by lawrence ). This can dramatically increase your blog speed. Normally the images you download from there are way too big to simply upload them to a blog.
So before you upload an image to a blog be sure to run it through Photoshop or Gimp (a free Photoshop alternative). Upgrading to the latest WordPress version is necessary because upgrades usually include several performance upgrades and they further fix bugs which could slow down your server. If you are getting lot’s of comments on your blog then it might make sense to split the comments onto different pages since otherwise the server load for loading one page will be too high.
To be able to open up an old post revision, WordPress has to save the old article in the database. Not every plug-in does leave traces in the database but the some plug-ins do. To remove a table, log in to phpMyAdmin and select your WordPress table. I didn’t even know that wordpress post revision causes high server load and I will be disabling it right away (I only used it once – and that was in 2010). Great list thanks Michael, I just started a new blog and will make sure I get all these things sorted.
I know from experience having had my main business site hacked twice, that if you don’t keep WordPress updated then it not only slows your site down – but can leave a great big hole in your online defences too. I’ve been doing most of these when I can for my sites but there are also some new tricks here too! Also a good rule of thumb is that if you don’t NEED a wordpress plugin, delete it. There is no sense is keeping random plugin for no reason.
Nice work, I was having some problems with my Geegeez blog and the ‘flush’ tip has speeded up the page loads a fair bit on its own. I Think you left the WP_SUPER_Cache Plugin, that caches everything your blog renders static into a html page. Sorry I left to add its disadvantage, Its that I could not use it on my blog where I need it to render the inhouse widget peerfly top offers listed dynamically. This makes it compatible with every WordPress environment (i.e. it doesn’t require any bitcoin-specific software like bitcoind).
As an Internet and Affiliate Marketer I’m forver adding scripts and other load bearing stuff to my blog and have really been experiencing slowmo syndrome with my blog recently. We are about to start using WordPress for our blog, and load speed is such an important factor, not only improving SEO but also for stopping bounces. Tips are appreciated if you like this plugin and would like to support my work.
It also adds some level of security, as even if your WordPress is hacked, your received tips are secure as there are no bitcoin private keys stored in your WordPress. Setting up automatic forwarding of all incoming bitcoins to a single bitcoin address configured in plugin options. Tipping address is displayed at the bottom of this post so by tipping you can also test how the plugin works.
Regenerating all existing post addresses after user changes his destination bitcoin address where tips are forwarded. Right now, if user changes his destination address to a new one, only tips for posts created after that change will be sent to the new address and tips for previously existing posts will still be sent to the old destination address. If your destination address is invalid, the post address won’t be generated and the widget won’t be displayed, so there’s no worry that tips will be forwarded to a black hole. Into plugin settings page in one of next versions (I’m not sure about that yet). Tips are forwarded to the destination address when 0.001 BTC or more is collected.