High Tech Gadget Allows Smokers To Breathe Again

Every year, new gadgets are invented to simplify, modernize or increase the enjoyment in life. Usually, these gadgets are not life changing; they are simply small conveniences that add to our lives.

But, every once in a great while, a new high tech gadget comes along that is completely life changing.

The Electronic Cigarette (also known as the E-Cig) is a simple device that has, and will continue to change the lives of millions of smokers around the world. There has already been a tremendous response in the Electronic Cigarette market, and thousands have been purchased already. But with increasing exposure on the internet, TV and on the news, the trend is beginning to boom.

I just read an article that explores the imagination, they ask the question; what if all smokers started using electronic cigarettes, it’s half serious and half funny, but I think we would all be better off, read it here.

How is the E-Cig Life Changing?

If you are a smoker or around people who smoke, you know that cigarette smoke is just plain gross. It doesn’t smell good; it lingers on clothes, in the home and on the body. Cigarette smoke is also toxic. It is toxic to smokers, their families, friends and pets in the home.

The E-Cig produces no odor, contains none of the carcinogens that traditional cigarettes contain and is much better for your health. Breathing in smoke on a daily basis does nothing but harm the body, and the E-Cig has changed that completely. The E-Cig doesn’t contain any smoke; rather, it produces a harmless vapor when inhaled. Instead of inhaling tar and nicotine, the Electronic Cigarette provides smokers with just the nicotine they want.

The E-Cig is life changing because it is a major improvement on one’s health and wallet. Traditional cigarettes can run as high as $9 or $10 dollars a pack, while Electronic Cigarettes slash the cost by more than half. Smokers can save upwards of $3000 dollars per year just by switching to E-Cigs, which is a hefty savings!

The E-Cig allows smokers to change their lives without having to give up something they love. E-Cigs are not traditional cigarettes, therefore they can be smoked almost everywhere. No longer will smokers have to look for a designated area or safe place to smoke, and no longer will they be subjected to dirty looks or stares by those that disapprove of their choice.

The Electronic Cigarette replicates traditional cigarettes in a way that is truly life changing. Smokers will begin to see an increase in their breathing ability, be able to exercise better and also see an increase in taste. All of this is possible because the E-Cig eliminates smoke and harmful carcinogens that are contained in cigarettes. E-Cigs allow the user to choose their level of strength as well as flavor, providing a larger variety of options not offered by traditional cigarettes.

The Electronic Cigarette is a revolutionary product that is changing people’s lives all over the world. No longer do smokers need to feel ashamed to partake in something they enjoy, and no longer will non-smokers be forced to face exposure to deadly second hand smoke.