Facts You Should Learn about Your Golden Retriever Pet


Many individuals like to have a Golden Retriever due to its amazing traits. These pets are not just clever but they’re also playful that’s the reason why there’s no wonder why countless dog lovers are interested in them. This is the reason why when dealing with popularity, Golden Retriever breeds always get to the top. You must be equipped with the right knowledge if you’re planning to raise one as a pet.


It is very important to find out how huge this kind of dog can grow before choosing to keep one. Remember, the larger the dogs the harder for you to manage them. Golden Retrievers are anticipated to be very massive. Males are generally 24 inches tall and 75 pounds in weight. In many instances, adult females can reach up to 22.5 inches tall and weigh 65 pounds.


Commonly, Golden Retriever dogs are described as friendly and gentle. They love to be surrounded with people even while at home or in public locations. They never fail to make their owners happy. Because of this, the owners must observe early socialization. In order to bring out the best of them, they should be trained properly.


In a day, a Golden Retriever must be fed with two to three cups of very nutritious dry foods. Nonetheless, the dietary needs of these dogs may differ based on their size, weight, and age. You are secure that you were able to provide your dog the correct amount of food if he gains waist and looks completely fit. Going to a veterinarian is recommended to make sure you have nothing to worry when it comes to his nutrition.


Typically, Goldens are really healthy. But still they’re not totally free from the probability of cataracts, hip and elbow dysplasia, Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis, and serious cases of allergic reactions. Your will have a lesser possibility of getting a dog prone to any of those ailments once you consult a dog breeder about this. The breeder will find out if both parents are clear from the mentioned conditions. After such, you’ll never have to worry about your puppy and the probability of any health issue.

Care and Grooming

A Golden Retriever pet wants to move around. You should bring them for a walk or participate into some exercises to keep them active as they can’t stay still for long. Retrieving game is a great game to play with them since they’re obviously good at locating things. But if you will restrict their movements, they will have higher possibilities of developing behavioral issues so they really need exercise. What’s more, be sure that your pet is always fresh and clean. You should bathe them, clean their teeth and cut their nails often to keep them appropriately groomed. You should learn that compared to summer and spring, these pets shed more during winter season and fall.

If you want somebody to be with at home or a working dog, there’s no better than a Golden Retriever. The above Golden Retriever info can assist you raise this type of dog appropriately.