Best Ideas to Decorate with Paper Doilies

The classic paper doilies that has come back into fashion with a vengeance. I distinctly remember when I was little and my mother for Christmas or a birthday special for some dessert or cake. Then sent me down to the store house down by paper doilies. So that it seems that it was a menu as more festive. They were always white and had a lot of sizes and shapes … I remember Rosario, the lady who dispatched, drawing a blue folder and big gums and -How tell me you love today? -. It has rained a lot since then …

So now when I see the amount of Internet DIY and crafts people do with them I remain amazed. Not only sheathes things with them, and that also build and I think, more than most, considering that until four days ago only used on the cakes.

So today I show you the ideas proposed took months of keeping things I have done or will do with paper doilies. These are definitely my favorite:

INVITATIONS ENVELOPES or most original and beautiful. It seems incredible that something so simple look so. I certainly if would I marry again I rode an envelope from secure. Easy, fast, economical and beautiful …

And if you get bored nothing like giving the White COLOR. You only have to dissolve some ink of the desired water and go past the laces for him color. Then you can make even pompoms or beads as the photo. Just fold them in half and go about gluing other. At the end you pegáis a thread in the middle and ready to hang. Another wonder is done in a while and it looks great.

Recycled glass jars are a classic and if we add the lace and some string the result is impressive. Do not be afraid to invent them. You can make candle lanterns or for some special juice bottles. This detail will be seen from as thin. Recently I lined a jar of nougat wafers was great, you asked me how many I came up. Well here is the answer,

just ping for this paper.

The CONE. Something easy to do, almost as much as rolling paper and seal the tip. Well look how despite how easy it is can leave you with your mouth open these presentations. With dry leaves, sugared almonds, petals … There are so many ideas that come to mind.

And finally the gift PACKAGING. As I told my previous post on my blog, if the gift is a bit loose nothing like a good packaging. I confess I am a lover of Kraft paper, satin ribbons, and of course the lace. So if I get a gift from within even have these stockings, I jump for joy !!!.

And finally I leave this step by step for a simple round lace make this beautiful flower. Paper, scissors and patience to do it. That’s all you’ll need to achieve it. Worth it, right ?. I think so.

And after all these ideas show me wonder: